Efimov Viktor AlekseevichWe have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers. –
Martin Luther King

Age is no second childhood – age makes plain, Children we were, true children we remain -
J. Goethe "Faust"

Civilization orders to go forward; Now progress has brought with it the devil with it –
J. Goethe "Faust"


Today’s world is on the brink of an objectively necessary global transformation. On its own scale, the radical meaning for the history of humanity will significantly exceed not only the transformations of 1917, 1991 etc., which remain fresh in our memories, but also the highly important transformations of the distant past, such as the religious reforms of Pharoah Akhenaten (King to Nefertiti, c.1330 BC), the Christianization of Ancient Russia; Europe’s rejection of a basic (civilizational) code of civilized sustainable development, and a prohibition of 16th century usary (loans with (abusive) interest rates). It is exactly these circumstances which are at the foundation of the present European systemic crisis of civilization. A need for change is so obvious, that even the leader of the parasitic organized world-order of the godless USA declared it so. At the opening of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2009, Barack Obama said; ‘We need to begin a new era of cooperation, based on mutual interest and mutual respect’, noting also that their previous political policies caused a world-wide ‘reflexive Anti-Americanism.’

A feature of the forthcoming transformation is the fact that any political, religious or economic reforms, if they do not carry any moral character and are not orientated on the organization of a godly-life, are meaningless and do not change the catastrophic situation which is happening on the spaceship we call planet Earth. The mass protest movement in the United States and the European Union is due to there being an increasingly huge gap in the access of its members to the productive and financial sectors (usurious) of (the economics of) public goods.The essence of the forthcoming transformation consists in the rejection of the Euro-American (biblical) development project of globalization, who are the real masters and consist of several dozen people and the crowd, who call themselves ‘the elite’ by way of inertia.

 To minimize the inevitable costs and destruction of the forthcoming transformation, it is necessary, initially, to deeply understand the undeveloped nature of the dominant concept of supranational governance of humanity. The concept of the now implemented globalization, which, under the guise of beautiful words for more than 3000 years has been implemented into life by default. Apart from that, it is necessary to set out in lexical form, new, and no-less ambitious ideas, new plans for new ways of living on earth, a concept of public safety. Such a project cannot occur within Western civilization. Any paid research of elite centers has harsh limits on the investigation into prominent conceptual ideas, and therefore the application of the new anti-scientific is a terminological apparatus, it being necessary for a lexical expression of these ideas. 


Auto-synchronization – a process that matches the frequency and phase fluctuations in a variety of different systems, which leads to the subsequent spontaneous synchronization of their operation within the framework of the super-systems.

Ideological atheism – a formal recognition of the ‘existence of God’ in words, combined with the substitution of ideas about the true God, common to all living on Earth, and the Almighty creator, common to all living on Earth and the Almighty Creator, who is, in one or another way a hoax, a falsification of a god who is not real. This phenomenon is characteristic of the church’s hierarchy here on earth, blockingthe real possibility of direct communication with God, who exists, with its pseudo mediation.

Materialistic atheism – a total rejection of ideas about the existence of God. By virtue of their own obvious inconsistency, they use it to protect the equally idealistic misconceptions of atheism. Everyone is born believing in God, but because of two equally false alternatives they are inclined to believe the church. Materialistic atheism occurs by bypassing their consciousness for the protection of church hierarchy representatives.

Base price-list – a small group of products whose price increases causing the inevitable increase in the cost of all other goods and services. First and foremost are the primary energy tariffs of natural monopolies. Tax and shipping rates have similar effects on the lending interest rates of a loan.

Unstructured control – Management based on statistical regularities and probabilistic predetermination in the behavior of the controlled object, without the pre-established mechanisms of direct access management.

God – Super-terrestrial reality, almighty supreme, the same to all living things on Earth created by the Almighty Creator of the Universe. The highest level of comprehensive management, which in the minds of most people appears as a stream of accidents. ‘Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of God when he does not wish to sign his work’ (Anatole France).

god – established in the everyday consciousness of nations and countries and peoples through symbols of the so-called ‘God’, used in a variety of religious cults and doctrines, which have an earthly nature and essentially are used to conceal the true concepts of Gods hierarchies of idealistic atheism.

The Divine Providence/ Act of God - possible scenarios of the development of life, conforming with Gods plan, way of organizing life in accordance with divine laws.

Bolshevism – political movement to protect the laboring majority. A real Bolshevik, is someone who defends the interests of the majority. Not all members of the CPSU were Bolsheviks, and not all Bolsheviks were members of the CPSU.

Being – synonym for ‘life’. The unity of God as a universal reality and as the creator of the universe, in the process of self-development.

Power – the realized, in practice, ability of the subject to command social control, the result of which is his goals being achieved.

Time – a subjective concept, occurring in the psyche of a person with the comparison of frequencies of oscillatory processes (events), one of which serves as a reference. Due to the fact that the selection process standard is subjective – time, is a subjective factor of existence.

Globalization - an objective process of global integration, the essence of which is the concentration of control of the productive forces of society is in a few and the same hands. The concept of globalization is subjective in its nature, on the basis of which unfolds the vigorous competition of subjects for the right to implement their version of globalization.

Global politics – policy aimed at achieving certain goals for all of humanity as a unified super-system.

The Global predictor – the subject of global politics, the scriptwriter-scheduler is now ruling the way of globalization and of social processes in relation to humanity as a whole.

Degradational parasitic requirements – unnatural, and therefore unlimited and unpredictable (human) needs and requirements. The satisfaction of these needs negatively affects the development of the individual in society, as well as the environment.

Demographically caused needs – uniquely calculated by age and sex characteristics, the satisfaction of which provides the necessary conditions and prerequisites for the development of the genetically predetermined capacities of human and societies development in the continuity of generations.

Goodness/The Good – characteristics in terms of their conformity with Gods providence.

Subsidies – Inner-corporate or government payments to manufacturers of certain types of products, production of which a certain amount is necessary, but at the current price list is not profitable or marginal. The purpose of subsidies is to eliminate the consequences of system failures at a macroeconomic management level.

The Spirit – the totality of bio-energy fields, which carries within it the human body, representing the trinity of body, spirit and soul.

The Soul – that, which is behind the concept of ‘I’, an imperishable piece of reality; related with the almighty essence of man as viceroy of God on earth. Temporarily resides in the human body as a carrier in the spirit and provides a sense of his being as the unity of the processes of the development of the soul and as self-creator of the population through the improvement of human souls.

Utterance of life (ru. Жизнеречение) - the main role of the priesthood, who, through the living word – the word filled with spiritual power, directs the flow of the course of life for society in the direction of Divine Providence.

The Priesthood - a social institution that carries conceptual good within communities. The Priesthood serves the spiritual development of individuals and mankind as a whole, and uses the knowledge received from previous civilizations for this purpose. If this function fails, the priesthood is reborn as quackery (promotion of fraudulent medical practices – quack; a charlatan of pseudo-medicine).

Evil – characteristics of the phenomena in terms of the contradiction to God's providence.

Invariant of the price list - Goods which are subjectively chosen for the unit prices of all other goods and services.

International Socialism – the ‘preferred socialism’ for the organized mafias of international diasporas in a multinational state, externally (formally) organized according to the principles of equality and socialism.

Information (image) – a meaning or content which is expressed through verbal or non-verbal communication for a given physical meaning.

Kaleidoscopic world-view – an outlook, the components of which (subjective images of objective phenomena), are mostly not related to one another, which is why there are unpredictable changes under the influence of the flow of circumstances. In most cases, such world-outlooks are based on the understanding of the four elements of life, matter, energy, space and time. At the heart of the kaleidoscopic world-view is the outlook of the tree (of knowledge), and the subject unfolds from the subjective ‘I’ (‘I’ – centered worldview), disintegrating into unconnected fragments.

Capitalism – the chosen way of social life which is dominated by the individualistic way of organizing production and distribution based on private property rights and the formal equality of all citizens before the law. The public sector of the economy serves with respect to the private sector.

Communism – the ideal to which mankind must aim toward in its development, as has been propagated since ancient times. From the Latin translation of ‘communism’- meaning communality, common. Additionally, the Latin word has a common root with the word ‘communication’, that is, a bond/link, including an information connection between people, which in Russia is called ‘co-news’ (со-ВЕСТЬ). In other words, communism is a community of people based on a conscience.

Conceptual Power – the highest comprehensive level of social control, based on the common understanding of an overall progress of the development of civilization, within defined moral guidelines/standards. It has closed legislative, and executive and judicial power. The term ‘conceptual power’ incorporates two meanings: firstly, it is the personal power of the people, who are able to develop a concept for organizing society and to implement it in a real process of public self-government. Secondly, is the power and authority of this very concept over society, it not being caused by individual persons.

Concept – the general concept of a process or chosen method of achieving objectives; a way of understanding, differentiating and treating any events, generated inherently only for the given methods, considerations and conclusions.

Culture – the asset of the process of social development, and information which is passed on through the continuity of generations on an non-genetic level.

Marxism – the name of an ideological worldview system, which is the false imitator and simulates the road to communism. Marxism was developed and introduced by Western medicine men, as the metrologicaly meager teachings, in order to discredit the ideas of communism. False identification of the concepts of Marxism and Communism occurred at the end of the ideological delusions at the end of X1X- the middle of the XX century.

Matter – the objective component of the creation of the universe, able to force the interaction of their constituent parts. It manifests itself as a vacuum, plasma, matter and energy.

Measure/Balance – a fundamental attribute of the creation of the universe, its proportion to the quantitive and qualitative predetermined industries. Balance/measure in relation to matter – a matrix of its possible states, and in relation to its information – a way of coding it/its coding.

World outlook/ view – ‘a picture of the world’, that was formed by the human personality and is supported by this mental energy. Its components are the figurative phenomena of the world – both real and imagined (objectively possible and objectively impossible).

Universe/creation – the trinity of matter, information and action.

Understanding of the world – the outlook of man, expressed in lexical form in the system of concepts and understanding.

Supranational governance/ Governance of government – management by organization, combining a number of states or hierarchies over the authorities of state management.

Nazism – Idea/view of absolute/unconditional superiority of their own culture, accompanied by the deliberate/conscious destruction of other cultures and peoples, and created a hostile attitude towards them.

Nationalism – an awareness of a uniqueness of their own culture, combined with the denial of the uniqueness and importance to humanity of other national cultures.

National Socialism – Socialism for a specific (or multiple) people(s), but built in such a way that the representatives of other peoples guaranteed safeguards and standards equivalent of National Socialism does not apply.

Morality – a system of priorities set in human values during the life of a person, which is expressed in their behavior, evaluations and judgments. It is the result of the God-given gift to distinguish between good and evil, and the ways of Divine Providence based on conduct. Morality is a set of moral rules which define the workings of the individual psyche and manage the processing of all the flows of information. Functionally, the morality in the mind of the individual is similar to an operator’s conditional transition to computer programs.

Patriotism – an awareness of the originality (uniqueness) of its own people and its difference from other cultures and peoples, who also have originality and significance in the universal history of mankind.

Concept – the unity of image and its (lexical) verbal expression.

Sin/Perversity – an error in behavioral properties to Gods providence, the loss of ability to distinguish between good and evil; lays the foundation for a distorted culture, which, confirmed, inhibits the genealogical line of carriers and leads to their suppression by changing and negatively affecting the genetics of other people, destroying the regional bioceonoses and the biosphere as a whole.

Crime/Criminality – violation of formal laws, adopted under the dominant concept of management.

The priority of the generalized means to manage society/community – an inventory of all means of influencing of social development within the six basic groups (priorities), which differ by their method of impact – as well as the importance and stability over time of their results of their impact on the social system.

Space (physical vacuum) – one of the types/varieties of matter, on the basis of which are generated its different forms. The subjective parameter, which is formed in the perception of a person, when he compares material objects, when he takes the size of one of them as master/reference.

Distinction - a person’s ability to select from the general background signal, necessary for learning the truth to distinguish one event from another, good from evil. According to the Quran, revelation of this power was given to man directly from God for human morality. In some cultures, the ability to distinguish between issues is passed over in silence.

Religion – from the Latin ‘religio’ – ‘link’. This is the relationship between man and God, without intermediaries, rituals and cults, as well as the mutual interconnection of people who believe in God.

Seigniorage  income derived from the issue of banknotes by the difference between the cost of production of the notes and its nominal value.

The change of the logic of social behavior, or ‘Law of Time’ – the transformation of mass consciousness and behavior of individuals in their mass of statistics, which occurs as a result of the alignment of the frequency of the renewal of generations and the dominant on Earth technologies (the proportion of the frequencies of biological and social time(s).

Socialism – the way of public life, in which the basic needs of every human being and every family is guaranteed to be satisfied through direct and indirect cover of the corresponding expenditure and related costs by the state, acting as a representative of society as whole.

Subsidies – internal-corporate or government benefits from consumers of certain types of products. If the corporation or the state finds the consumption of precisely these kinds of products useful and preferable for society, and a potential customer has insufficient income to pay for the consumption of these products on the basis of self-financing.  

Telegonia – the impact of adverse sexual intercourse of parents on the health of their unborn children. At the core of Telegonia lies the transfer of genetic information on biopolar carriers through non-biological means, in addition to the chromosomal apparatus.

Crowd – a collection of people, living according to the tradition and reason of authority.

Crowd -‘elitism’ – a hierarchical pyramid structure of ruling society. At the top of the pyramid, a narrow layer of the ‘elite’, beneath which there lies a broader layer of ‘middle class’. Below, at the base of the pyramid, the most abundant layer, of common people, ‘lower classes’ of society and its ‘refuse/rubbish’. If you match this concept to the definition above, the crowd, in ‘crowd elitism’, is that in all of society, small numbers of personal exemptions is reduced to the status of the crowd.

Trotskyism – a special kind of type of mentality, an ancient phenomenon, previously referred to as an obsession, and has received its present terminological clarification from the name of its most brilliant representative – Bronstein Trotsky. A characteristic feature of Trotskyism in the communist movement of the XX century was complete deafness to criticisms towards it. It is combined with a commitment to the principle of suppression of actual actions of the declarations, which they themselves proclaimed.

Office for complete function - integral management process beginning with the identification of environmental factors, calling for the need of management and goal-setting in respect of this factor. This given process ends with the achievement of (set) goals.

Management of the peripheral – the executive structures in the field of ‘transmission belts’, conceptual power.

Fascism – from the Latin ‘fascec’ – fascia. Fascia – a bundle of twigs stuck in the middle of an axe, tied with a belt. In Ancient Rome, the fascia was at first a sign of royal power, then a sign of the highest government officials. The issue of the threat of ‘fascism’ wrongly reduces the ideas to national and racial exclusivity and intolerance, as well as the inherited from Italy and Germany ‘fascist’ symbolism and phraseology, confusing it with Nazism. The essence of fascism is the active support of the crowd of ‘little people’ from the abuse of power of the ‘elite’ oligarchy, against these same ‘little people.’ The purpose of Fascism as a phenomenon - is to not allow the representation of a homosapien to be a person.

Chrematistics – from the Greek ‘spgeta’ – wealth. The science of how to make a single firm or individual wealthy, independently to the well-being of the rest of society. In the current state, economics as a science was inherently transformed into chrematistics, because it is not aimed at solving the welfare problem and universal prosperity.

Integral outlook/ worldview – a world view based on the idea of trinity of being; matter, information, measure (balance). Its components are mostly related to each other by certain connections and maintain stability in the stream of circumstances. On the basis of this outlook, the mental tree of man unfolds from the image of God (God -world centered view). Within this outlook, life appears in the coherent picture of the mosaic, and an accident is regarded as an unknown pattern, which has the divine nature of symbols.

Man – The trinity of the soul, body and spirit.

A sense of measure/moderation – the ability of the subject to feel the part of the real potential of the matrix of life, in which his current thoughts and life circumstances are unfolding.

Egregore – Bio-field energy-formed assembly (‘team spirit’) generated by the mental activity of individuals on the basis of common types of mentality, interests and other possible similar personal settings in the course of their life.

Economics – the science of the administration/conduct of the national economy in order to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of schemes of social development in keeping with Divine (Providence) in the continuity of generations.  


We will begin by considering the critical issues of our time with the question of power, as realized by the possibility of managing. The consciousness of the present era, is formed operating in the conceptually active and unsound pedagogy, and by the means of mass media, perceived state power as the highest form of government, thus distinguishing the ideological power, executive, legislative and judicial branches. Similar ideas about the power system are included in constitutive/legal documents, although they do not fix the institution of ideological powers. To understand and believe that these levels are absolutely helpless in getting the final result of the publics everyday consciousness, is almost impossible. Even Pushkin pointed to the failure of the manifested power structures: ‘I don’t appreciate those loud rights highly’.

To convince others of the reliability of new knowledge, which does not meet the age-old traditional ideas, is extremely difficult. Difficulties are not related to the limits and differences of mental capacity, but solely with the dominant stereotypes, the psychology and characteristics of the thinking process itself. As noted in the XIX century by the Russian historian Vasily Klyuchevsky; ‘The truth is held in our consciousness like prohibited foreign goods, smuggled under the label of lies or jokes; but under the guise of the foreign, we get duty-free from their suppliers, manufacturers of pure lies or mischief of absolutely domestic handicraft.’ (Collected Works Kliuchevskiiat 9AMso,’Thought’, 1990. T.9.S.378). Such are the particular understandings of life of many people.

The changing of stereotypes can be viewed as a process of insight by humanity, coupled with the transition to a new terminological apparatus, or to a new understanding of old words. In earlier times it was very difficult to convince people of the idea that the earth is round, and that the sun does not revolve around the earth. Prevailing false stereotypes were overcome through the mechanics of a new understandable apparatus: ‘The Earth’, ‘The Solar System.’ In the system of views on the universe, society and man, gives us insight no less important than those through which mankind has passed in the area of mechanics. But for this we also have to learn new terms and form such notions such as ‘Conceptual Power’, ‘Supranational control’, ‘Complete Function control’ etc. In this case, the notion arises only as the unity of the word and image of the phenomenon, which lies behind these words. So for the word ‘bow’, the understanding will only come after you have combined it with the image of a bow for shooting, an onion bulb, or accept it as a consonant word in English.

Unfortunately even today many representatives in the system of public administration refer to the conceptual power, non-explicitly, bypassing the consciousness formed purposes and concepts of globalization to the category of myth, not reality. It is because of this that they are allowed an apparently imperious management. ‘You govern – and you are governed’ remarked Plutarch. Fortunately, our people have always been present carriers of the sacred knowledge or the Russian priesthood, wise men, kalikov perehozhikh (ru - каликов перехожих) , beggars – knowledge which has been understood outside of official state authority and official science.

Concept – A Latin word for a way to understand, discern and interpret any phenomenon or events that generates ideas and findings specific to this method. This is one and the same event, phenomenon, a fact of different concepts (as applied to human society) will have different assessments, up to the contrary. And so the childish question; ‘what is good and what is bad?’ – the fundamental issue of human civilization because it implies objectivity of good and evil as happenings in the life of society, predefined and delimited by the Providence of God, not by lawyers and legislators. God granted each of us with distinction – the sixth sense which is silent sociology; it is the ability to identify the objective Good and Evil. Al-Furqan -Distinguishing – a subject of one of the verses of the Quran – is a kind of compass in the area of morality. With the help of programs zombifying minds, these guidelines may be lost. People without the ability to distinguish between good and evil, in the mercenary greedy interests of representatives of social magic, a crowd is formed living by deliberately fabricated traditions and legends as they are ‘told’ by bogus authorities, obviously bribed or used in bypass consciousness. Yet another hushed up feeling in a person – a sense of proportion, as the ability to feel that part of life, in which unfold the currents of thoughts and circumstances.

What is encouraged and supported in the same concept can be regarded as a serious crime in another concept. The targets of human and social development, as well as the concept of progress, are not formed on the level of science and intelligence, but at the level of morality in reliance on distinction. This version of development in line with the Devine is unambiguous and can be equally unequivocal in scientific calculations and studies, including the economy. Deviations from the Devine occur in many variants, and in achievement of any of these perverse objectives will form their own intellectually capacious ‘science’. For example, the economy of savings of the indigenous population, on virtually every issue will give opposite advice in relation to a science-based economy, aimed at cleaning the territory of residential population by its migration to cities and metropolises. Imagine, for example, the law, including the economic customs and traditions of the country that lives by the principle ‘after us, the deluge -let it flood’. And then compare that with the concept of another state; ‘ to preserve and increase everything for our descendants’, and you will understand that any law is just a consequence of certain moral foundations of society, and therefore the legislature cannot be regarded as self-sufficient, as a primary source of the power of the state. The absolutism of the norms of law is a recipe for disaster for state and culture – if the laws are flawed and immoral. It is in this, the instincts of self-preservation, where lie the objective reasons of people who are not law-abiding (part of the population). The very meaning of life and the purpose of existence, in a different world view, with different concepts, prevail in a society because of their different moral condition and different treatment. The so-called ‘western civilization’ is focused on a purely technocratic variant of development and only through this prism accepts the notion of progress. In western civilization, society and every individual is a slave and hostage, to the technosphere and artificial habitats, that have entered into an irreconcilable antagonism to the natural environment, created by this civilization. This is a consequence of the fact that in the pace of development and the amount of profit, one detail is overlooked – the people themselves. The functioning of technological monsters has become its own independent value, and all the people have become merely an application to them, and are at their service. Instead of capacity development of a person, comes a craze for the development of various kinds of ‘prosthesis’, substituting and blocking possibilities of natural development of the form of ‘a man of understanding.’ One example of this kind – the development of ‘artificial intelligence’ at the unwillingness to learn and develop and implement in life your own mental and intellectual capacity. Any computer, for example – is a pitiful semblance of a human brain. We watched, as a trained child, blindfolded, mentally opens in front of him a colour holographic screen, and in on-line mode reads information from it, incoming upon his request from a global universe of the information matrix, containing all information about everything.

The transformation in the 21st century will be directed in the way of a biological civilization, in which man will be released from the techno-sphere, and be able to live in harmony with the natural atmosphere. But the rejection of modern technology in the future will not be a return to the Stone Age, because the need to defend oneself from the nature of the techno-sphere will disappear. Humanity realizes that many of the processes that were previously perceived as progress, were actually movements to a standstill, disastrous from the standpoint of human development in line with the Divine, and therefore unacceptable for the future. It is time to move on from the conquest of nature and to realize it as the supreme value of the universe.Man will never create anything better than the planet that has already been created for us by God.Technologies will be developing, but they are secondary, not an end in themselves - they are just serious support and training ground for the formation of the new man, a new society, and polygon, that has to be created on the principles of the biosphere and permissible development. So it will be, because there is only one alternative to this - the disappearance of the ´reasonable man" from the Earth's biosphere. We are in the process of the maturation and of humanity to form a global terrestrial mind, it is not yet in our reality. (the sentence contradicts itself).The global transformation will be linked with the transition to the Concept Bogoderzhaviya(?) , while humanity will come to an understanding of the true God, the associated new meaning of life, God's predestination and all stemming from this forward and backward linkages in the "Man-Society-Universe." The openly installed concept of power will be available to enter, not at the level of initiation, but only the extent of understanding and morality. Conceptual power is the highest level of moral control, based on an accurate understanding of a civilizational development. Only one processes is real power. The real power belongs to the one who has the feasible capacity and has well defined objectives for control. On this base, conceptual power has the following functions:

• recognize all of the internal and external factors affecting the life and destiny of the social system,and between them;

• forms the government targets for each factor affecting the society;

• to achieve the set goals determines all the necessary management both in terms of structural and nonstructural management practices, that is, that which forms a management concept.

At the level of conceptual power, it’s served by all other forms of power. In addition, for conceptual power it is indifferent whether work is on its certain structures or public figures, whether there is a conscious or closed bypassing of consciousness (‘we meant well- /we only wanted what’s best’) are created for the implementation of the basic ideas of the concept of a new structure or adapting to an existing one. Much of this is solved on the basis of non-structured control methods. If the current power structures do not notice the absolute power of the conceptual center, it does not mean that it does not exist at all. It forms the tendencies of development and realizes the powers of authority within a supranational level, through a closed or an avoidance of the consciousness management periphery. So, the power that is realized in life is far from being officially proclaimed, with marked signs on service offices. The phenomenon of conceptual power is that it is autocratic in nature, nobody chooses it. The observer, who does not have the understanding of the concept of unstructured process management, will see only fragments of the full function of control in the part where the system is represented by specific structures. Conceptual power can be seen in two ways: as the power of a particular set of ideas adopted to implement this (the power of the concept), and as the power of the people, to express, interpret and implement these ideas. The concept, whose meaning is deliberately withheld from the public conscious, as it has been the last three thousand years, is called airtight. At the same time, people who realize the conceptual power may not be related structurally, but united by a common understanding and a measure of morality (or immorality - that is, the uncertainty of moral standards).

Higher priests of ancient Egypt carried out the conceptual power in both senses of the term. It consisted in higher dozens dedicated to the North and the South dedicated to top, each of the ten headed eleventh priest - its first hierarch and leader.

All of them were selected on the basis of inheritance from father to son. When you break the genealogical line for their resolution, the team included non-hereditary priests. They have little idea about the advantages of the tandem principle. If the voices of their commands and their hierarchies were shared equally the latter have to find a third solution in tandem, which has to be better than any of the caused dissent. This for centuries stood over the Pharaohs and the state machine of conceptual power, in the time of Moses together with the ministers of the Amun hierarchy, suspended the mission of the guardianship of Egypt, went underground and came out to a global super-state level of government. After that, Egypt, from the ranks of the ‘super-powers´of antiquity was downgraded to a "provincial kingdom´, in the provinces of another country,in order to hide the beginning of history in the waters of Lethe.

This period can be traced to the origins of the current dominant Euro-American (the Biblical) concepts of management, as well as fundamentally differentphilosophical views of the priesthood of Holy Russia, and the Egyptian hierarchy of Ra in the earlier period, when it was still under the control of the hierarchy of Amun.The last pharaoh carrying the truth of monotheism was Akhenaten (1375-1325 BC.) The priesthood itself has morphed into a quackery, adapting existing conceptual knowledge and implementation of skills of conceptually powerful control for their own clans interests, instead of concern for the public good and constructing the mode for the environment.

Since then, little has changed. At the top of the pyramid of global management are the same 22 hereditary clans, a team that is artificial, and to create the appearance of choice it is divided into two teams (left and right). For the crowd, through controlled media, these two teams portray opposition to each other with an accompanying question: 'So you're for this side or for that side?’ Political life, to distract the crowd from important issues, is filled with formidable battles. The symbol of the opposition, cultivated to attract public attention and fanaticism is football: 11 on the left and 11 on the right rolling a ball on the field, which represents the globe. This is an iconic game for those who know something about the schemes of global governance of mankind, one of the most powerful techniques pumped-up out of the matrix crowd of ´elitism´.

These 22 clans, according to the functions of incurring conceptual power at a significant global level, can be called a global predictor, a scheduler giving directions/insight (predukazatelem) . They do not advertise their activities, which are visible only to the executive peripherals. It gives real control over countries on a global scale,through a hereditary clan of financial corporation families, controlling international organizations, political parties, foundations, multinational corporations and banks. This mission is generously rewarded.

According to the agency "Reuters" (06.15.1996), 358 families, clans of billionaires, and their accomplices, have income exceeding 45% of the total income of the population of the Earth, and 1% of the total number of people living in the world, owns 96% of global wealth.This was not a conspiracy or a world government.It is a traditional scheme which employs thousands of structureless and aggregorial-matrix managing people, bypassing their minds. If you do not treat the epics as groundless tales, the highest conceptual power in old society belonged to the little-known social group that epics called "Calico turn, the wise men." Their names are known only by their clans and in the bylinas are not named, unlike the names of heroes. But they named heroes and guided their activities, trained the princes, with drugged visions power of subordinate military force. They are taught to live in harmony with the environment and God's providence. The essence of this group of people and their activities are reflected in the "Song of Oleg the Wise":

The wise men are not afraid of the mighty rulers,
The princely gift is of no use to them,
Truth and freedom is their prophetic language,
And is a friend with the will of heaven.

These higher management activities, though not always understood by the people, are always are viewed as socially important ("Tell me magician, favorite of the gods, what will come true in my life"). They also warned the rulers against abuse ("You accept death from your horse").The horse was a symbol in ancient times as subject to the people, things that had been entrusted to the management of the master. In addition, in one of the Sufi parables, the horse personifies desire of man. The top managers in Russia never were isolated from society wealth and advancement in higher power; they did not go on the basis of electoral procedures, but only through the development of the true knowledge of how social control works, instead of studying the officially recognized legends about them. One of the clan systems of initiation, dating back to pagan Slavs, argues that Pushkin - their representative, whose "fairy tale" of life related to their knowledge system. In his works, Pushkin in coded form provides information on the management principles of human society, the conceptual power. In contrast to Krylov or Aesop, Pushkin did not code separately human characters, and the global social events or large numbers of people. Through a number of second semantic immortal creations, Pushkin not only reveals the operating principles of global governance, but also anticipates the future. We give another figurative representation of the function, which is implemented in the mainstream society through its concept.We all know how it is produced in other products, depending on the matrix, it shapes the image, the structural organization of the future product. A concept is the same matrix, but is used in relation to the human material. An emerging generation is not always aware of it, it is placed in the information matrix - the concept - and the 15-20 years unwittingly acquires the qualities that make them the needed owners of the concept.No child has a need for alcohol from birth - however, mark the end of high school, only a few in our reality refrain from the use of alcohol, triggered by actively imposed stereotypes. So it is in all other matters, shaping the world in general.

The future and the fate of society is affected by countless factors, but their in-depth analysis allows them to fulfill their grouping and systematization. According to our conclusions, the rulers of the dominant concept, realize their governance in all countries controlled by them (many of them labeled with white, blue and red on the national flag) with the help of the six priorities of the generalized means of social control. When handling conceptual control to foreign countries, we have to deal with the priorities of generalized weapons.Concept provides a subjective, specific scheme in the era of globalization for humanity in the age of Pisces.



First priority- methodological

Characterizes the outlook, methodology and the development of new knowledge. Based on the methodology of cognition and creativity, targets are formed for development and bases of management, which as a rule, are in the ancient scale.This outlook may be set out in the lexical form (the Bible, the Koran), but may be present in the subconscious and conscious living, and reflected only in the national epic (protective charms);in fairy tales, proverbs, sayings, folk songs, customs, traditions, morals, as it has been until recently in Russia. Today’s Russia claims to the world the presence of her own conception of public safety for the Millennium III, set out in clear lexical forms. The people, as said V.E Dahl, are not who they are, but what they dream of.

Second priority – historical

Information in chronological orders of facts and phenomenon. Roughly speaking, implementing a conceptual management allowed the formation of the character of the chronicle of information, history of development. George Orwell most accurately describes the importance of this priority (1984) ´´Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present, the omnipotence of the past.´´ Here you have an algorithm; the origins of the perestroika to rewrite history, and the history of the pseudo communist past which began exclusively in 1917, or the history of Russia, which supposedly began with her baptism.

The third priority - ideological (factual)

In relation to society this is a priority, which is the perspective of the concept formed views of all parties, ideologies, religions and behavior patterns of the media, including the planned "opposition" to each other, in one and the same concept; this is not seen and its legitimacy not challenged. For conceptual power is a united front that includes left, right and center. Many of the participants in front of well-intentioned work, believe in the name of their own goals, but in fact they are controlled through bypassing the consciousness. It turns out as a joke, "Stirlitz knew that two times two is four, but he did not know if Muller knew this."

The fourth priority – the economical

Information about ways to pay, government and world money, prices and their interrelations, institutions quotations of the cost of everything. The alignment of financial schemes, permits the seizure in the credit and financial system with non-zero loan interests, created in the sphere of material production of wealth in favour of the golden billion. A part of the stolen loot and those directly implemented by the hallowed laws of the age of the Pisces, robbed by the ´cultural cooperation.´ The heart of this- the world monopoly on usury, artificially joins with banking (macro-level accounting, which involves banks, as necessary, but it should not be held tightly with usury).

Fifth priority- weapons of genocide

The undermining of the gene pool, the weakening and destruction of the future generations. The motivation for the planting of all this is simple- biologically degenerate slaves who do not have the potential of personal and social development, allowing them to live freely without tutelage.

Included in such tools - alcohol, tobacco, drugs or genetic engineering. Anaesthesia/ the drugging of a nation, normally, bypasses consciousness, through subtle nudges towards this path, through suggestions into the public consciousness, traditions, customs and sayings. In the same manner nearly all national tv stations are directed, all kinds of art, and even medicine itself, and the church (sacramental wine).

Sixth element – military arms

The very fact that the increased use of this priority indicates a conceptual impotence of the West, and of the problems with the conduct of more subtle methods of aggression, "cultural cooperation". Russia will not need to use armed forces in the 21st century, if it understands the concept and worldview at the level of top priorities. Successful implementation of the forthcoming global transformation associated with bringing to the open society, as the goal-setting, the concept of achieving the stated objectives for each of the six above-mentioned priorities. Only in this way can true democracy be achieved and the possibility of providing real support to civil society mechanisms.To eliminate errors in the scenario of a global transformation it is necessary to understand that the level of government (legislative, executive and judicial authorities) has always inevitably closed up on another conceptual power, if not based on his own. Note that the most vivid illustration of the power of the simultaneous application of all six priorities is the operation to destroy the state of the Soviet Union. Force of military weapons to destroy the Soviet Union failed, but the fact that it was done without a single shot signifies a higher priority.

Then there was unleashed against us a cynical genocide of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, in the fifth priority. Dollar aggression turned the country into a financial colony of the fourth priority. Rubles have now turned into nothing more than a receipt for money, the ownership of the metropolis. Unheard of in the history of the usurious suppression (220% per annum) and in the era of the premiership of Chernomyrdin. The essence of public policy in the real economy is still on two-digit lending rates, harmful to the real sector of production, service, innovation and high technology.

The third priority, without public support, and even under a legal ban, was gained through the suffering people of centuries, to common ethical norms and ideals (the state ideology). At the second priority, instead of the previous historical myths, were planted ones which were intentionally fabricated and effectively promoted. At the first priority of our consciousness there is a destroyed ideological identity, such as Russian fairy tales and their value of landmarks. Creative diversity in education is replaced by schemes of primitivizational consciousness, personality unification under a single template - the Bologna process, the USE test form.

The actual administration of the country in the interests of its people is only possible under full function. The now applied management principles ("tried as best, but it turned out as always") indicate a lack of basic knowledge of the patterns of community service to complete the control function. To place a management task, it isnecessary at least start with a certain set of values, ​​of the following parameters:

  • vector control purposes as an ordered list of private purposes, where in first place is the most important, and in the last - the most insignificant;
  • vector of the current state of the control parameters of the control system, describing the current state of the parameters for each of the specific objectives;
  • Vector of error control,representing the difference between the target vector and the state vector and characterizing the degree of dissatisfaction with one or other private purposes.

The purpose monitors the predictor, and the problem of minimizing the error of the vector decides the corrector. Then we have a system of management of the "predictor-corrector".Its peculiarity is that it is not repelled from the present, but from the projected future, so that negative trends can be attacked preemptively, and there is no need to wait for the moment when the problems start to take society by the throat. The quality of management is the capacity of the management team, characterized by being aimed at minimizing the error of the vector of control and the speed with which decisions are taken and implemented that will minimize future errors. In the economy sphere, the objective integral indicators characterize the quality of management, in the downward trend in the prices of goods, that meet the biologically and demographically acceptable causes of needs met.


The essence of the coming global transformation is linked to the revision of thedefinition of objectivesin the developmentof humanityaswell as man himself. The purpose of the development of "Homo Sapiens" as a biological species will boil down to a more full development of genetically caused developmental potential. Today, manyof the representatives ofhumanity,overa lifetime, do notdevelop inthis sense, and actually aredegraded. The most important motivesfor all of their actionsand deedsareinstincts of a sexual and digestive nature, and also the getting of pleasure(hedonism), including all kinds of unnatural pleasures. Suchgoal-settingmakeshuman society an alien in the universe, a tumor on the body of the Earth.

Human development- isnot the accumulation ofa certainbody of knowledge, but an improvement in the organization of its psyche. An educated and intelligent bastard, with an inhuman/psycopathic mentality, is socially far more dangerous than a half-educated bastard. When making decisions, a person can be dominated by:

  1. Animal instincts;
  2. Habits, customs, traditions, imposed in society, behavioral stereotypes;
  3. Coldpersonalcalculation, not focused anyconventional standards, nor on the Divine Craft/ Hand of God
  4. God's guidance, intuitive insightsand guidance(hints) from the soul, coming from theunconscious levels

According to this, we can classify the creation of the human psyche.

1) the animal type of psyche structure
2) mentality-type; ‘zombie-bio-robot’
3) Demonic type of structure to the mind
4) Mentality type – ‘man of understanding’

In present day modern civilization, after the changing of logic of social behavior, based on the concepts of public security developed in Russia, basic preconditions for the ‘Reasonable Man’ have been created as the main driving force of real social progress.

The range of needs of the individual and society are divided into two groups of needs:

  • accurately calculated, demographically conditioned
  • unpredictable, degredation from the parasitic

When targeting the sphere of production and services, first of all in the future it will be possible to make an exact mathematical calculation of the limited sense of proportion of the vector needs, derived from boundary conditions, a rigorous solution to the equations of input-output. As is well known, the Nobel laureateWassily Leontiefproved thatinput-outputequationshavea unique solution. Hismistake wasthat hedid not considerthe possibility of orientationtasksof state administration, not of the "ever fuller satisfaction ofsociety", but of unequivocally calculable demographic needs. In today’s current circumstances, the country is focused on the growth of the gross domestic product, and behind that lies the production of tobacco, spirits, weapons, as well as the export of gas, oil and timber. The higher the GDP in these areas of production, the higher the intensity of depopulation of the country. There will come a time when the states development goals will be announced to the content and population of its own territory, reproduction and conservation of living in relation to indigenous peoples.

On the basis of the coming global transformation, changes have been put to man, whois now ahostage of perverse and deliberatelyimposedbehavioral stereotypes.The changeswill be introducedinto societythroughauto-syncmodes, through the people, who, in spite of huge counteraction of the deliberately formed information matrix,   stillhave not lostthe desire totake placeasthe man himself,whohas the intentionestablishedin his children, grandchildren, and the people around him,the elements ofsimilarities to the Divine Way, to make them creators, to master the genetically predetermined growth potential, a truly happy and successful life.

In advance we will reserve, that the desireto change themselvesin the direction ofhumanity, to educate a childin this way- is adifficult task, since the processes and viciousformsof modern man are generouslyfunded andsubject to, above all, the interests of theglobal corporationof Darkness,makingmoney for hisvices.That is why as a goal of modern education, it is proclaimed in training that no man is the creator, but a person who is consumer, without a sense of action and discernment. It is exactly he who needs, in its essence, a unified corporation, in which included are the kings of vodka and beer, gambling, tobacco, and other narcotic-weaponry, with the inevitable flow from the first block, and also the no-less profitable pharmaceutical business, of which there is a global 3 trillion dollar turnover. With pharmacy work, our uniquely designed bodies are also affected by culinary-restaurant delights, which do cannot   work in principle, to be able to match the correct range of biological equations, which slows and disables its key mechanisms. As the saying goes, ‘God invented good, and the devil invented the culinary.’ To be convinced of this, it is enough to switch to a raw-food diet for just one month, to consume in its natural form all that God created solely for man, for his governor on earth.

Doctors also have a special mission, many of which, are the sales agents of the pharmaceautical companies, without being aware of it. Up to 40% of all current diseases have, at their root, previous use of medications – it is not by chance that the Russian word ‘to cure’ comes from the same root as ‘to cripple / maim’. This programmed role of physicians, is the inevitable consequence of the ‘health’ organization, when the welfare of the system depends on, in spite of its name, not on the success in the recovery of the population, but only by increasing the amount of sick people. As an example, this ranges to the birth of poorly babies, and as a consequence of this, there is need for super-expensive health-centres for pregnant women. That is why to any, even simple, device, there is attached an instruction manual, but there are no publicly available instructions for the safe functioning of the human body, which could make the business suffer. It is not we who invented the ancient truth: ‘As soon as between the patient and the doctor money has appeared, we can start to forget about health.’

The next step in this logically constructed chain, is the branch of ritual services, into which it is difficult to enter, not so much out of mercy, but because of the cash that hasn’t yet been shaken out of the pocket. It is not just foolish people who are spinning in the hell circles of this corporation, even those who identify themselves with the ‘elite’ are not aware of being held hostage, being plankton on which she feeds.

Man is the trinity of the body, mind and soul. The corporation of Darkness has its own ‘spiritual’ department. If corruption and abuse of the body brings money, then the corruption and abuse of the spirit makes even more money, including those who have got rich in the wine-liquor-medical corporations. Here the arsenal of the means is striking in its diversity. This includes the newly-minted glamorous-glossy Russia, of high fashion and show-business; ‘sport of high achievement’ and the trade of football players, which has a special role in the corruption of spirits in the means of advertising and mass disinformation to the population. Everyone who comes to the orange and the anti-orange rallies considers himself an active participant in the process of human development, of his own country. In fact, he is a hostage of the corporation of darkness, that same plankton, battery-fuelled pseudo-leaders of the nation. In the end, everything that is done in the current dominant concept of management in the spiritual realm is orientated on the blurring of moral values, which is an essential first priority of the impact on the fate of societies and civilizations. It is no accident that a once prominent palaeontologist and science-fiction writer I.A. Efremov said: ‘The destruction of all empires, states, and other political organizations takes place in a loss of morality. This is the only cause of catastrophes in history.’

What is the progress of mankind, and therefore, of man himself? This question has not left the pages of the most advanced, intelligent debate. To this question there is no answer within the atheistic worldview. The review of progress within this framework of the technological increment has its own obvious failure. ‘If a cannibal uses a knife and fork, is this progress?’ questioned С. Е. Lezts.

Thanks to the advances of the godless natural sciences, mankind is approaching the critical point of this globe. Without changes to the goal-settings in the development of mankind, without changing Man himself, one of the most lamentable future scenarios – a general mobilization of the population to the widespread destruction of stockpiled waste harmful to living things, and other ‘achievements’ in civilization, in order to maintain the biological niches for the bio-type of the unreasonable-man. Such progress, in the absence of a clear long-term goal plan and analysis of ethical laws leads to the famous anecdotal situation – ‘Doctor, will I live?’ – ‘What’s the point?’

The purpose of the development of the Reasonable Man as a biological species, is reduced to a more full development of a genetically caused development potential. Instead, many of the representatives of this kind, in their lifetime do not develop this sense,and are degraded to the point where the most important reason of all their actions and deeds are the sexual instincts and digestive natures and enjoyment (hedonism), including various unnatural varieties. Such goal-setting makes human society alien in the universe, and is a cancer on the body of the Earth.

In this edition, we believe that man is made over with the possibility of implementing the mission of being God's representative on Earth.However, from birth each of us is granted only an image, and the likeness to divine force is only realized by the ill of man and the environment. If you get into a pack of monkeys- you become a monkey. If you enter a pack of smokers, you become a smoker. Everything that we and our children see on the television screens inevitably flows into the sole criterion of human progress, and the development of the individual himself is on the level of the divine, the coordinates of the placement of the human psyche on the ‘Good-Evil’ (God-Devil) axis which objectively exists in the Universe. This is according to Gods providence, the global strategy of development of the productive forces of society, of all humanity. It could be argued that these are subjective parameters. But this is not so. Apart from the well-known five senses, from birth man is given the ability to make distinctions (Furqan – in the Quran), and if we reason by consciousness, then one can confidently distinguish between what is and isn’t following the divine, beginning with his own actions in regard to his family and ending with events in Libya and Yugoslavia.

From the perspective of culture in the Age of Aquarius, modern society is not perfect in all its manifestations, and seems to be more of a global clientele for a mental hospital, than a collection of sane individuals. Only a patient of such an institution is able to breathe in on his own initiative the hundreds of harmful chemical substances of a cigarette, and to even pay, himself, for this ‘fun’. But even rams do not smoke, and cockroaches do not fund the purchase of the pesticides used to kill them. And this frankly clinical fact is not unique. In any other sphere of daily life of modern society (from the organization of the money system and political-military "humanitarian" operations to the television repertoire and the practise of building relationships the same way for all people living on Earth by God – the creator and sustainer.) you will come across no less striking clinical manifestations in the most severe and irreversible phases. All that is required to distinguish them – is the ability of the reader to get out from under the hood of the imposed vicious stereotypes, and assess the abilities of an authority of an historically-formed tradition.

Despite the complexity of the situation, we know that Good will conquer Evil, and civilization will go the way of the light, and those who do not believe in such a possibility, put themselves at the risk of psychosomatic illnesses. Is there a force within humanity that can arrange its transition to a different concept of development?Today we can say with certainty that there are such forces, and the invisible Keitedzh-grad(Китедж-град) , immersed in all time time in the dead water, is preparing for ascent. The agenda of the day is the question of transition to the practical phase of global transformation, based on the concept of public security, which is theheritage of Russian culture.

Translate by Katerina Pavlovskaya (London)