The Future of the Humankind: The Dictatorship of Conscience or the Tyranny of Bible Owners

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In the analytical note there are cited several significant mass media publications regarding the reaction of Muslim countries on the speech made by the Pope Benedict XVI on September 12, 2006. In that speech he told about the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos’s opinion on Islam and Muhammad. The discords between the historically formed Judaism, Christianity and Islam in sociology, in organisation of the life of society, in economics and theological questions are shown. It is noted, that those discords of the historically formed confessions follows from and thus express people’s fictions, self-interest of ruling “elites” and their backstage supervisors. With it, if one considers the conscience to be God’s voice addressed directly to man’s soul, then taking religious traditions as an indisputable truth, free from perversions and mistakes, suppresses the voice of conscious and makes an individual deaf to the call of God.

This peculiarity of the traditional confessions together with their discords in sociological and theological-dogmatic questions poses a threat! It is so, since within the conditions of globalization the rousing of such excitement around return to traditions and adherence to them appears to be the way to a new World War. And the new war is necessary for the “world backstage” as a mean for discrediting Islam and Koran and finishing the biblical project of enslaving the mankind.

  1. Is the conscience free within the traditional confessions?
  2. God is the best of planners…
  3. Conjecture will not avail aught against the truth…
  4. Why are hierarchs of churches against the Rightness-Truth?
  5. The task is to prevent from unleashing the new world war on the basis of interconfessional enmity.