In Quest of National Idea: «Energy Ruble» Bound To Be the Hardest Currency

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Contradictory political situation has emerged in this country. Western liberal political ideas have worked themselves out; they have brought discredit upon themselves in the estimation of the public. The State Duma election results are mafifestive of that. At the same time, the economic policy of Russia remains conspicuously pro-western, aiming to turn the country into a source of raw materials for the West. The country is unable to efficiently develop provided the two mutually exclusive lines are followed simultaneously. A Unified Conception of Social Security has become an extremely urgent issue; a reasonable mix of politics and economy to provide the formation of some crisis-free trends of development.

The contemporary crisis of our nationhood is mainly caused by inadequacy of Social Science to the ontic reality of life, which leads to the lack of statecraft methodology or welfare management. None of the manuals on Economics puts a question of how a state gets wealthy; they focus on the art of getting rich within a single corporation, a single bank, or give a piece of advice to individual wealth. Nevertheless, in real life the corporate effect proves to be achieved at the expense of some damage done to the state and society.